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January 31, 2024

A new British airline

Welcome to Ascend Airways.

Connecting Great Britain to the world through ACMI and air charter services gives us immense pride. Launching in February 2024, we have recently secured our first Boeing 737 MAX 8 showing our intent to operate the latest technology aircraft to the aim of reducing our environment footprint and maximizing comfort for passengers. The MAX 8 will function as our airline’s flagship aircraft. But how will the aviation community recognize us?

Each of the aircraft in the Ascend Airways fleet will carry the British Civil Air Ensign alongside our registration number, and this is where the Ascend Airways brand has been born from. You might not know that the British Civil Air Ensign is the flag that was historically flown at civil aviation establishments throughout the United Kingdom and displayed on UK-registered civil aircraft.

An important foundation of both British aviation and Ascend Airways, the Civil Air Ensign was initially instituted in 1931. The ensign’s field is light blue and comprises a dark blue Saint George’s cross with white fringes. In the top left corner or canton of the symbol is the Union Flag.

Hoisted in London for the first time by the renowned female British aviator, Mrs. Victor Bruce, the symbol represents Great Britain’s passion and professionalism for aviation. At Ascend Airways, we too share this passion, carrying your customers with care, both now and in the future.