Alright, so the story goes like this – 6 years ago there was a small team, who wanted to change the how aviation software market is established. We started with different concepts, tried out those in real operations and now we know, that we created something big, beautiful, and really cool with the help of AI, VR and other R&D things. So now, we are going forward and devoting our efforts in Sensus Aero, that we and users believe in, and going into the whole world. You may ask – what we have created? Currently we have a large ERP system with mobile applications specifically designed for aviation, which significantly helps the users and the business to thrive. What are our plans? We want to go beyond and continue expanding our ERP until it covers every business unit, and we have one true “All-in-one “software".

Main functions and responsibilities:   

  • Engage and Excite: Dive into the world of aviation by introducing prospective clients to Sensus Aero's innovative solutions through targeted cold calling. Every call is an opportunity to share our story and passion.
  • Become a Brand Ambassador: Draft and send persuasive emails that not only communicate our offerings but also resonate with potential clients and partners. You are the voice behind every email, making a mark in the industry.
  • Master the Tools: Take the helm of our CRM system, ensuring it remains up-to-date and organized. It's more than data entry; it's about understanding the journey of every lead and potential partner.
  • Spot the Perfect Match: Identify and qualify leads, ensuring they align perfectly with our vision and objectives. Your insights will help direct our efforts towards the most promising opportunities.
  • Facilitate Growth: Play a pivotal role in coordinating and setting up meetings, acting as the bridge between Sensus Aero and potential game-changing partnerships.

Requirements for the position:

  • Educational Background: Degree in Business, Marketing, Aviation, or and Social-Science related field is a plus, but not mandatory.
  • Language Proficiency: Excellent reading and writing skills in English.
  • Teamwork: A natural team player with the ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues across functions.
  • Drive & Ambition: A genuine motivation to grow both personally and professionally, with a keen interest in the aviation and business development sectors.
  • Learning Attitude: Openness to feedback and a continuous learning mindset.
  • Basic Tech-Savviness: Comfortable using CRM systems and other basic software tools (training will be provided).
  • Communication: Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively across all levels within the organization.

Performance Metrics:
The success in this role is gauged by the number of activities initiated, companies aptly qualified, and meaningful meetings established. With exceptional performance, the sky isn't the limit, but just the beginning, as there's potential grow your career.

What we give in advance:

  • Opportunity to work with innovative IT solutions for the aviation market;
  • International work environment;
  • Additional health Insurance after a probation period;
  • Learning and development opportunities to further improve your skills;
  • Gym in the office;
  • Employee events;
  • Employees' referral bonus;
  • Possibility to work remotely;
  • Indoor dining room;
  • benefit;
  • Child's room in an office;
  • Partnership discount system for cooperating companies.

Salary: from 1600 € to 1750 € (gross)

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